Ten Low-Tech Ways To Winterize Your Home

Hey Burlington, Shelburne, Charlotte, South Burlington, Williston and all the rest. Here’s a shout out on helpful low-tech ways to save on energy bills for the coming winter.

1. Check your insulation. Filling in gaps and cracks, especially in the attic, will keep your house warmer this winter.

2. Don’t forget the basement. Check where pipes and utilities go to the outside that they are properly sealed/caulked.

3. Avoid fiberglass insulation. Wrap pipes with a foam insulation. For the attic, add dense packed cellulose to a depth of about 12 inches to fill in any nooks and crannies.

4. Cover attic fan and ceiling stair hatch. Be sure to cover your whole house fan with a proper cover. Also, get a an insulated cover to put above the drop down stair or opening to insulate any openings.

5. Seal duct joints and pipes. If you have a forced hot air heating system be sure your duct work is sealed properly at all joints. Use caulk or a non combustible high temperature sealant in the appropriate places.

6. Plug your fireplace and close the flue. ‘Nuff said.

7. Remove or cover air conditioners.

8. Seal windows and doors. Install weather stripping to prevent drafts. In addition, locking windows seals them and keeps cold air out. For doors, a rubber door sweep can be installed at the bottom to prevent drafts. For $10 to $20, a draft dodger will also keep the cold air out.

9. Keep furnaces clean. Have your home fuel provider service your furnace. Dirt is a major culprit which can increase energy consumption by 25% or more.

10. Get an energy audit. Contact the Energy Star program at www.EnergyStar.gov to provide assistance.

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