Happy Thanksgiving To All

As I contemplate the next few days as Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded how much I love this holiday. As I was hiking this afternoon, I was thinking of my health which thankfully is good as I was enjoying the crispness in the air and the clear, distant views of the High Peaks in the Adirondacks. God, I am greatful I can take that in and appreciate it.

I thought of my kids and how grateful I am to them for all the joys and laughter they fill life with. I am so glad I feel so connected to them so as to enjoy one another’s company. It is such a pleasure of mine to watch you both grow up. I look forward to every day with you and your friends too.

I am so grateful to our new dog, Marley, who keeps me company all the time and forces me to get out of the house and onto the trails. Dogs are relentless with their love. I have been so blessed with the dogs in my life.

My cat. My Maine Coon cat. Is there another breed of cat more affectionate and personality filled than a Maine Coon? The answer is No. I love my cat. He comes when I make “that clicking noise.” Sounds ridiculous but it works. Now, he’s taken to greeting us in the driveway when we arrive replacing the way our old dog Columbus used to.

To my sisters who I wish I saw more. I love you and think of you often. You have all given me your love at times when I needed it this past year after Mum died. Thank you for this thoughtfulness.

And to that end, I miss you Mom. So grateful for all you gave me in our relationship. Weird not being able to spend the holidays with you anymore. Miss you…Love you…

To all my friends, I feel grateful for what we give each other. A few of you and me came out of the woodwork this past year and found one another again and for that I am grateful. More laughter and fun times lie ahead.

For all the sunsets, full moons, clear starry nights, jumping in Lake Champlain from the boat, the fall colors, Winter Storm Warnings, outdoor music, more Red Sox memories, some nice meals we made and shared, life on our front porch, fireworks from our “secret spot” on the waterfront, all the sidesplitting laughter, life’s tears, shovelling the unbelievable Valentine’s Day Blizzard out of our driveway by friggin’ hand, my home in Charlotte VT and so much more that slips my forgetting mind…

To my business and my clients for all your support and loyalty. I am grateful to each of you and I wish you all beautiful times together during the holidays ahead with those you love and cherish in your cozy homes.

I wish you all great happiness this Thanksgiving – one and all.

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