Ry’s Sunset in Charlotte Vermont

Four nights ago, while driving from Williston through Shelburne on my way home to Charlotte at dusk, I was blown away by a stunning, mad November sunset unfolding from north to south along the upper ridges of the Adirondack Mountains illuminating Lake Champlain in an other worldiness of color.

While craning my neck and driving perilously close to the edge of the road, I reached instinctively for my camera to capture these rare, intense moments. Jesus, I thought. It’s not here. It’s at home! Mon Dieu!!

Seconds later, my cell phone rang. It was my 17 year old son excitedly asking me if I could see the sunset and did I have my camera to snap some pictures. Dejectedly, I remarked, “I didn’t” but I said, “call your sister. She’s at home.”

Hours later, I excitedly learned that he reached her and asked her to grab her camera and nail that sunset on film. Whereupon Ry calmly and warmly remarked, “not to worry, Will. I already took 15 shots.”

God, I love my kids. The mere fact we saw what we saw and were connected at those same moments and were all so moved blows me away! We all appreciated nature’s stunning display and the glory of the red sky that night taking time, care and love to reach out to one another so as to share that beauty. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that in my book!

The picture you see above is one of fifteen my daughter took on that evening. I emailed it to our town newspaper, The Charlotte News, earlier this morning. They, too, thought it was spectacular. In fact, my daughter will have her first published photograph in their upcoming edition. Cheers to you Ry!!! Love you!!

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