Burlington Vermont Real Estate: The Seven Deadly Sins Sellers Make These Days

During this morning’s session of the Vermont Real Estate Conference being held at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center here in South Burlington VT, I am taking a course entitled, “What’s It Worth – Pricing Real Estate?” My course instructor who is a certified appraiser with over 34 years of experience in the real estate field imparted the Seven Deadly Sins Sellers Make These Days. Here they are for you sellers out there:

1. Pricing higher than the competition,

2. Refusing reasonable offers early on,

3. Not putting the property in the best possible condition for sale,

4. Making showing the property difficult,

5. Not recognizing that your home is a house, e.g. a commodity to a buyer,

6. Blaming the Realtor for the market. The market is what it is. The Realtor did not make the market,

7. Not reducing the price in a timely manner, causing the property to become stale.

If you are considering buying a home or condominium in or near Burlington Vermont, please visit my website, give me a call on my direct line at 802.238.5256 or email me to discuss representing you, our current market conditions and your needs/wants in a new home and community. I would be delighted to assist you.

Armed with solid numbers, buyers and sellers alike can manage their expectations and the current realities of our local market.


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