Burlington Vermont Real Estate: What Does “HOME” Mean To You?

I read an article this evening that touched me deeply. The article focussed primarily upon a suburban family living in Colorado. Up until recently, husband and wife had been earning $100,000 per year. They wanted for nothing. They lacked nothing. Now, they are living in poverty as defined by earning less than $25,000/year for a family of five. Their actual income is now $1,500/month or $18,000/year! As I read about their story, I began thinking about the millions, like them, who are slipping.

A decade ago, the Jefferson County School District in Golden, Colorado reported 58 students that were known to be homeless. A year ago, that number spiraled to 2,800. That dramatic increase in such a vulnerable group hit my Bullseye. It made me think about dramatic loss and the true value of HOME. Is the value of home determined by assessors and appraisers or something much, much deeper and more profound? Something hard to quantify. What do you think?

I looked up the dictionary definitions for the word “home” and I found the definitions woefully inadequate.

As a Realtor, I have dedicated the last twelve years of my life to helping families find just the right place to call HOME. The place where dreams and memories of all kinds accumulate. The place we feel safe. That haven where children grow up. Tears are shed into our pillows. Relationships are nurtured and mature. The place where we grow older and wiser.

When I witness the process parents undergo when they struggle to select the perfect place to call HOME, it is indeed a process. It is truly an undertaking.

And when I witness first hand the emotions wrung out upon so many of our fellow Vermonters who lost everything in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene, I am once again brought to my knees in complete humility and gratitude for all that I have. A roof over the heads of those I love most – My children, my family and pets. Warm. Cozy. Creating memories and spawning dreams with the passing of time. Our shelter from life’s storms cloaked in LOVE.

And what of love? Love is at the essential core of our sense of HOME. 

As we head towards winter, let’s remember the beauty of HOME. Let’s humble ourselves again to having such a special place. This sanctuary. This place of the heart. Of the soul. And let’s share it with those we love. Our Family. Friends. Neighbors. Those in distress. Bring them in…

Nobody said it better than Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, “Ohhhhh Auntie Emm… There’s No Place Like Home”.

Please. I invite you to add your thoughts. Tell me and those who come to this website what HOME means to you…

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4 Responses to Burlington Vermont Real Estate: What Does “HOME” Mean To You?

  • Very well written blog post, Chris. The idea of home has never been more important to grasp than now. In a time where national disasters come more frequently, our wallets have never been hit so deeply and our idea of social and professional status been more threatened. It’s not about the house and car anymore, but the idea of home. Rather than keeping up with our neighbors, maybe we should give more care and attention to them and find out that their last name actually isn’t Jones! I recently moved away from Vermont to Colorado. After nearly 3 years and several visits back to the northeast, I have realized that home is more important than ever. Home is the friendships that continue to be nurtured and, in fact, several have grown stronger. The bond that we have with our community, family and our physical environment and the relationships we form with mountains big and small become our true essence of “home”. Thank you for this recent post. We need to be reminded more that ever to love our “home”, to create “home” and to share “home” with others! You have reminded me that I have 2 homes. Happy Autumn!
    Steve in Aspen, Colorado

  • Dear Steve,
    Thanks for your comment. In the words of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, “There’s No Place Like Home”.

  • Hi Chris,

    This is great in terms of gaining a sense of perspective and in terms of really the importance of having a home or safe haven. And it is so true that many do not.

    I have a friend who was once homeless and he said he got used to being so present that he could look at the whole Earth or anywhere he laid his head that night as home. He had to find a way to dig deep to feel that sense of serenity without the safety and comfort of a structure around him. He is one deep guy and I appreciate the deeper perspetive that you bring out in your blog and I can tell your mission in relation to Real Estate is much deeper then just moving houses.

    You can tell as you are patient with your clients that you allow them to figure out what will work (while providing advice and your perspective) for them.

    Therefore they are not buying just a house but a home.
    Jeff in Burlington, Vermont

  • I really enjoyed being with you.

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