Burlington Vermont Real Estate: My Son Helping Flood Victims in Waterbury Vermont

Recently, my son returned from college in North Carolina to “pitch in” and help his fellow Vermonters by volunteering to assist those in need and in distress in any way possible. He and I showed up at an anonymous homeowners house in Waterbury VT I’d been helping previously and she led us to a Serbian family across the street from her. There we were essentially gutting the inside of their home to redo everything destroyed by the rising waters from the Winooski River. Hammers, crowbars, dust and debris. Everything all busted up. Clothing. Toys. Carpets. Photos & keepsakes. What a scene!

Displaced. Stressed. And deeply appreciative that we were there with the only intention being to help and be of service. These folks were so humbled and touched by our “showing up”. As were we…

I have been volunteering at the American Red Cross Shelter in Barre Vermont when it was open and secured a local baker in Burlington to donate loaves of his delicious fresh breads to bring with me whenever I went to Waterbury and Barre so I wouldn’t arrive empty handed. When I handed out the bread to random people, I remember one woman hugging me and sobbing in gratitude.

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