Burlington VT During The Holidays

November 23th, 2009

Burlington VT

My hat is off to all the folks who work so unbelievably hard in the city of Burlington Vermont to make the holidays so festive and fun for the rest of us. In a couple more days, the annual flick of the switch to light the Christmas tree at the top of Church Street and all the gazillions of little Christmas lights up, down and around the Church Street Marketplace will set winter in motion.

I love going down to Church Street for a stroll anytime of year but it’s this time of year that moves me the most. Is it the music playing? All those pretty lights? Hot chocolate at Ben & Jerry’s with freshly made whipped cream topped off with cinnamon? Walking into stores to warm up and contemplate? A relaxing dinner by a cafe window watching the snowflakes tumbling down?

This year I’m planning to get a running head start on gift buying. In reality, I want to get it out of the way so I can enjoy the specialness only this time of year affords. I look forward to saying “hello” to passersby on Church Street. I’ll relish the romance of a stroll arm in arm with Nathalie and our kids all barely recognizable with thick wool hats and coats, scarves, gloves and our newest warm wool socks.

I think of going to see “A Christmas Carol” at the Flynn Theater. They always have such a memorable performance with that wonderful cast year after year. I hope we get a BIG snowstorm on that night. I remember the time we came out of the theater to 18 inches of snow. My kids and I helped all the people in the parking area around us sweep off their cars before we did ours. It just felt good to do that.

Carolling through neighborhoods in Shelburne, South Burlington, Charlotte and all the rest puts me in such a great mood.

Getting lucky under the missletoe (how great would that be?)…

And then it comes down to finding just the right tree. This year it’ll be a toss up as to whether I go cut one and drag it home the way we all used to or go down to the Boy Scouts’ spot in Shelburne Village where they always have such beautiful trees.

Whatever makes your heart sing at this time of year, sing loudly. Dance in the street with your sweetheart if you feel like it. I did in Boston recently and I/we’ll never forget it.

Enjoy these next few weeks! Enjoy all these moments with children and family and those we love.

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