Free Home Energy Assessments Coming to Charlotte VT and Shelburne Vermont

January 22nd, 2010

Shelburne VT and Charlotte VT

The Vermont Community Energy Mobilization (VCEM) Project sponsored conjunction with the Charlotte VT Energy Committee, the Shelburne VT Energy Committee, Transition Town Charlotte and Transition Town Shelburne have ALL joined arms to provide free in home energy assessments. The goals of the project are to:

  • Achieve quantifiable reductions in home energy use;
  • Increase awareness and understanding by Vermonters of home energy savings opportunities and resources; and,
  • Demonstrate that a community-based, volunteer program can be a successful model for achieving home energy savings and raising awareness of Vermonters on home energy savings.

Last night around 30 volunteer (of which I am one) residents of Charlotte and Shelburne met for an evening of training at the Charlotte VT Senior Center. Efficiency Vermont is providing all energy saving measures free of charge. Energy saving measures will include offering compact fluorescent lightbulbs (cfl’s), low-flow showerheads, water aerators for faucets, electric hot water tank wraps and pipe insulation.

Efficiency Vermont trained the volunteers last night to assist homeowners in identifying whether their home’s heating is inefficient.

Lastly, the visit will include a “kitchen table talk” about energy saving opportunities and resources – specifically about energy conservation behavior and explaining referrals to services that are currently available. Efficiency Vermont offers several incentive programs, appliance rebates, and low-interest financing for additional energy efficiency measures of which most Vermonters are unaware of these savings opportunities.

If you are interested in receiving this free energy assessment service (only 80 will be available initially for both town so contact us soon!) or have additional questions, please email Suzie Hodgson of Charlotte at [email protected] or Judy Raven of Shelburne at [email protected] so we can put you on our schedules. Assessments will begin in mid-February and continue through April.

If you are considering listing your home for sale or buying a home or condominium in Burlington, Shelburne or Charlotte, please give me a call or email me to discuss the market and your options. I would be delighted to assist you. I can be reached on my direct line at 802.238.5256 or email me at [email protected]

As always, please feel free to post any thoughts and comments about downsizing right here on Hurd’s The Word.

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