Its All About The Baked Goods

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Do you ever wonder how things really get done in small towns? Or do you ever wonder how to smooth over a rift with a neighbor or the town zoning administrator?

My sweetheart was recounting a recent story from within the small town where she lives. Apparently, things got a little off the rails when she learned that her mail wasn’t being delivered in a timely manner or in some cases at all. We all know the pony express went out a long time ago but this level of inefficiency was getting downright annoying. Having recently transplanted from New York City to improve her quality of life via telecommuting, she depended on timely mail delivery of sensitive documents related to her work and other matters as essential.

She took the matter up with the local town post office officials and her mail carrier but it seems everyone was pointing the finger at the other. Her frustrations rose considerably as all the wrangling around reached new levels while her mail was no where to be found. Going “postal” now became an option.

Until this development…

A life long neighbor of that town suggested she bake a batch of cookies (my sweetheart is an exceptional cook) and deliver them to the post mistress.

The turn around of events was astonishing. Yummy cookies were warmly welcomed by the post mistress and the logjam of inefficiencies was, at last, dislodged. 

You see the exchange of food as currency, as comfort is older than the hills. My sweetheart reports that Danny the Mailman challenges to race her to her mailbox when they spot one another a little ways from her home or Suzie, the post mistress, is 

And so it goes… the ways of small town life. 



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