Vermont Foreclosures Lowest in USA – January 2011

Burlington VT
February 22nd, 2011

RealtyTrac, the leading online marketplace for foreclosed properties, is a major source of information about foreclosed properties in the United States. In their January 2011 report, they declare that the state of Vermont had 21 foreclosures (yes, that’s for the entire state) or 1 in every 14,487 homes. This analysis shows Vermont foreclosure numbers are way below other states by a wide margin. Compare this number to the other states chosen randomly for the month of January 2011:

Florida had 21,671 foreclosures or 1 in every 406 housing units,
New York had 2,885 foreclosures or 1 in every 2,765 housing units,
Connecticut had 837 foreclosures or 1 in every 1,724 housing units,
California had 67,072 foreclosures or 1 in every 200 housing units,
Arizona had 15,757 foreclosures or 1 in every 173 housing units,
North Carolina had 3,040 foreclosures or 1 in every 1,382 housing units,
North Dakota (2nd lowest of all states in USA) had 25 foreclosures or 1 in every 12,533 housing units.

These statistics continue to tell an important story about Vermont Real Estate.

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