Buying Real Estate

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: Mortgage Rates Reach Historic Lows

For many of you, the season to buy a house has come and gone for 2011 with kids back in school and colder weather and snow on our doorstep. That’s just traditionally how the seasonality of the Burlington VT Real… Continue reading

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: My Son Helping Flood Victims in Waterbury Vermont

Recently, my son returned from college in North Carolina to “pitch in” and help his fellow Vermonters by volunteering to assist those in need and in distress in any way possible. He and I showed up at an anonymous homeowners… Continue reading

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: Double Rainbow in Charlotte Vermont off Popple Dungeon

Yesterday, while showing property in Charlotte, squall after squall swept across Lake Champlain and through the meadows of West Charlotte. It was such drama and beauty. Mother Nature in a mood wrapped it up with a double rainbow over Holmes… Continue reading

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: Best Places for Breakfast and Brunch in Burlington VT – Penny Cluse Cafe

One of my favorite places to have breakfast and brunch in Burlington Vermont is Penny Cluse Cafe on the corner of Cherry Street and South Winooski Avenue. They have outrageous fresh juices. Try the tangerine juice in winter and their… Continue reading

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: What Does “HOME” Mean To You?

I read an article this evening that touched me deeply. The article focussed primarily upon a suburban family living in Colorado. Up until recently, husband and wife had been earning $100,000 per year. They wanted for nothing. They lacked nothing.… Continue reading