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Burlington Vermont Real Estate: Vermont’s Unemployment Rate Drops in September

The Vermont Department of Labor recently released its figures for the month of September 2011 which showed a drop of one tenth of 1 percent in the unemployment figures for our mighty little state. The rate decreased from 5.9% to… Continue reading

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: Vermont Has Lowest Foreclosure Rates in the United States in September

According to RealtyTrac, in the month of September Vermont had the lowest foreclosure rates of any state in the country. Our entire state had 17 foreclosures!! Chittenden County lead the way with 4 followed by Windham, Rutland and Franklin Counties… Continue reading

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: Mortgage Rates Reach Historic Lows

For many of you, the season to buy a house has come and gone for 2011 with kids back in school and colder weather and snow on our doorstep. That’s just traditionally how the seasonality of the Burlington VT Real… Continue reading

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: My Son Helping Flood Victims in Waterbury Vermont

Recently, my son returned from college in North Carolina to “pitch in” and help his fellow Vermonters by volunteering to assist those in need and in distress in any way possible. He and I showed up at an anonymous homeowners… Continue reading

Burlington Vermont Real Estate: Six Best North American Cities for a Bike Vacation

This month, Bicycling Magazine selected Burlington Vermont as one of their six best cities in The United States and Canada as cycling hotspots where “you can use your time off to get more time on two wheels”. In addition to… Continue reading