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Top Ten List of Things to do on Lake Champlain

A purely personal list subject to change (guaranteed!) of my favorite things to do on Lake Champlain throughout the year: 10. Ice skating, 9. North Beach in Burlington for the day and an evening cookout, 8. Taking any of the… Continue reading

Top Ten List for Burlington Vermont

A purely personal list subject to change (guaranteed!) of my favorite things to do in Burlington Vermont throughout the year: 10. Summer picnic pilgrammage to enjoy a sunset at Waterfront Park on Lake Champlain, 9. A show at the Flynn… Continue reading

Get Ready Burlington VT. Another Winter Storm Warning is upon us

I wasn’t sure I’d have a dance partner for Valentine’s Day this year but it looks like I do. She’s going to be the same date as I had last year – My Toro Snow Blower! Remember the stupendous Valentine’s… Continue reading

Hey Burlington Vermont. What the Fed Cut Means To Your Mortgage?

An article by CNBC described it this way. “On days like this, I think it’s important to go back to the ol’ mortgage primer and figure out exactly what all this news means to you, to your mortgage, to your… Continue reading

Full Moon Over Burlington Vermont

We have a glorious full moon upcoming on Tuesday, January 22nd. I celebrate such events. It’s quite possible my love of full moons began while as a young child being read Goodnight Moon by my mother over and over night… Continue reading