Green Construction

With issues of climate change, the cost both in real dollars and of environmental degradation through our use of fossil fuels and growing political strife and saber rattling amongst nations, concerned citizens are looking for new ways to change the paradigm. Vermont has always prided itself on its commitment to a high quality environment. I attended a seminar in Burlington in September 2007 that addressed two issues:

1. Green Home Construction

2. Smart Growth

Prospective buyers are asking questions about efficient and self-sufficient practices in new construction more than ever.

Further, there are many people who want to live closer to population centers where they have less commuting time resulting in less polluting of our environment and ready access to an integrated mass transit system. Thus, they are looking for Smart Growth Developments and Developers.

These trends are emerging in Vermont on all fronts and the dialogue doors are open

This section is meant to get you started.

I can put you in touch with a builder who is committed to utilizing cutting edge technology to reduce outside reliance on energy sources to almost zero! Contact me for this referral.