South Burlington Vermont Real Estate

Chartered: November 22, 1864 (Vermont Act of Incorporation)
Land Area: 19,788 Acres / 30.92 Square Miles
Coordinates: 73°10’W 44°28’N
Altitude ASL: 310 feet
Population: (US Census, 2000): 15,814
Population Density: (persons per square mile): 511.4
Tax Rate: $2.057 (’04)
Equalized Value: $20,541,650 (’04)

In 1864, the Legislature incorporated the City of Burlington from what was then the village of Burlington and about 10,000 acres of the original New Hampshire Grant town of Burlington. Concurrently, the remainder of the original town was designated the Town of South Burlington, which, in turn, became Vermont’s newest city by Act of Incorporation in 1971. Despite the name, the city is as much east of Burlington as south, curving around Burlington in a rough crescent from east to south.

Two major state highways enter South Burlington (US 7 from the south and US 2 from the east), historically and still primarily carrying traffic into and out of Burlington. Because of the high traffic volume, both have been highly susceptible to major strip development. As a result, the city has two distinct and widely separated business districts (with the largest mall in the state leaning things towards a third), but nothing that can be identified as a “downtown” city center. What is considered the busiest intersection in the state is the corner of Williston Road (Route 2) and Dorset Street.

Emergency Services (Statewide): 911
Police (non-emergency): 802-658-1050
Hospital: Fletcher-Allen Health Care (Burlington) 802-656-2345
Town Clerk: Donna Kinville, 802-846-4105, 575 Dorset Street South Burlington, VT 05403


South Burlington School District 802-652-7250
Chamberlin School 802-652-7400
Orchard School 802-652-7300
South Burlington Central School 802-652-7200
Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School 802-652-7100
South Burlington High School 802-652-7000