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Meet Chris

Arriving in Burlington in January of 1979 as a freshmen at the University of Vermont, despite record breaking cold that would have had others running south, I began a journey that has kept me here 34 years now. It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed. So many, many great memories. Two children. My maginificent son and daughter. I can’t imagine raising them in a better place. I’ve just loved living here and my passion for this state has only grown over time.

Driving home from an out-of-state trip, I love seeing that “Welcome to Vermont” sign on the highway. Or, flying in by way of the Burlington International Airport, the best small airport on the planet, from a business trip or vacation adventure elicits the same response. “Welcome Home” and all the mortar in the joints of my Vermont foundation echoes through my mind and in my heart. Each time, I feel an abiding warmth and happiness returning to this special state.

Born just north of Chicago in a beautiful town called Lake Forest, we moved to Chicago and lived on the “Gold Coast” just steps away from the Oak Street Beach, Lake Michigan and Michigan Avenue. My love of baseball began amidst the brick and ivy of Wrigley Field watching the Cubbies.

Some years later, we moved east and settled in Redding Center, a small town without a stoplight to this day, in Fairfield County, CT.

I spent wonderful years in prep school in Concord, MA and at my college advisor’s urging I applied and was accepted at the University of Vermont.

I’ve never left.

I’ve lived in Burlington, South Burlington, Underhill Center, Jeffersonville and Charlotte. I love outdoor activities. Cross country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, winter and summer hiking, tennis, playing on Lake Champlain. The Green’s, the White’s and Adirondack Mountains are all so wonderfully close. Cycling. Full moons. Kayaking. Summer picnic’s and outdoor music. Photography. Reading. Vanilla Latees. Relaxing on my front porch looking out across the meadows towards Lake Champlain and the ‘Dacks. Sledding Mount Philo. The Flynn Theater and UVM hockey.

I’m a Sox fan now (still have a soft spot for those Cubbies) and love all the successes and fun they have brought into our lives.

I hope you can feel some part of what I feel after all these years. Vermont is a great place to live. It has been my very happy home.